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Mission / Motto / Vision

In this inaugural year of the merger between El Montecito School San Roque and Providence, A Santa Barbara Christian School, the board of directors will craft the new mission and vision statements and choose a motto for Providence. The statements of the two schools show the close alignment of the two institutions. (7/17/18)

El Montecito School Mission Statement

El Montecito School inspires a deep love of learning about the world and our Creator.

El Montecito School Vision Statement
We seek to prepare each individual student to think critically, reason logically, and communicate clearly while loving God and others wholeheartedly.

El Montecito School Vision Tag Line
Where Character Meets Wisdom

Providence, A Santa Barbara Christian School Mission Statement

The mission of Providence is to deepen our personal commitment to the lordship of Jesus Christ by developing our academic excellence, personal character, appreciation for our national heritage, and leadership and service in the world.

Providence, A Santa Barbara Christian School Motto

Truth. Beauty. Excellence.