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Welcome from the Head of School

On behalf of the Providence community, it is my pleasure to introduce to you this extraordinary school. Personally, I could not be more pleased to serve students and partner with parents in this incredibly important undertaking.

Providence is a unique school which operates within four core values:  we are Christian, we are a preparatory school, we respect our heritage, and we care about character. In the pages of this website you will learn more about our mission and how these core values shape our school.

At Providence our interest is not only preparing our students for their next step, but more importantly, preparing them for life. We want our children to thrive. Our dreams for our children include a lifetime of faith and service, personal and career success, fulfillment and wellbeing, and more. We believe a relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation of these outcomes. By engaging young minds with a rich academic program and shaping hearts with an emphasis on spiritual and character development we have seen joy flourish and personal transformation take place. Through a program that values and develops critical thinking, innovation, creativity, and foundational skills, our children are eminently prepared for life after graduation.

As students transition through the grades and stages of development, we encourage and develop a vibrant Christian faith that approaches life with a mindset of awe and wonder. Our teachers weave biblical principles and a Christian worldview into every component of our program. Faith and character values are integrated into lessons in math, English, and history. We guide and challenge young people in their understanding of and relationship with God.  We encourage them in their faith in Jesus Christ and teach them how to recognize truth from falsehood. We give each student the tools with which to communicate their ideas in written and spoken word. Students graduate with a genuine understanding of the world God created and their place in it and they leave Providence ready to positively impact their college, their workplace, their community, their church, and someday, their own families. 

Providence students appreciate their heritage and their future role as positive, engaged, and responsible contributors to society. Providence graduates study the hopes, desires, and goals of those who wrote our founding documents— including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. These same students engage in thoughtful discourse on the social change that continues to transform our society and are taught to interact respectfully with and value other cultures.

Integral to this outstanding education is the community in which it is nurtured. Our exceptional faculty and staff members hold a genuine interest and care for each student student on campus and work together to create a nurturing environment that is founded on truth, accountability, and grace. At Providence, students and teachers live “life together” (for as many as 16 years should they begin in Room 1); students and teachers naturally engage in conversations while at play in the sandbox, tossing a ball during recess, grabbing lunch at the local taco stand, or sitting next to each other at a Saturday-night basketball game. Providence is a school where lifelong friendships (and mentorships) are developed and where alumni stay connected long after graduation.

Welcome to Providence! I hope you will join our community and find your place in this wonderful story that God is writing. And I pray for blessing and clarity as you seek to make the best decision for your child’s future.


Dr. Tim Loomer
Interim Head of School