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HUMANITIES – English, history, economics, languages

The word­—spoken, written, thought­—is full of powerful potential.  The study of language and literature is the study of the great works that have shaped our culture and our thinking. In addition, using words skillfully is key to effective communication, powerful expression, and clear thinking. Humanities courses stress logical thinking, strength in the conventions of language (grammar, syntax, mechanics, and vocabulary), critical thinking, public speaking, and listening. Students will learn to write for a variety of situations and applications. 

The study of history begins with ancient civilizations that helped bring about today’s Western culture. Students see how God has a plan for mankind in each historical era. The epic poetry of Homer, the dramas of Sophocles, and the philosophy of Plato provide the touchstones of Western literature and thought. Students learn how the Roman Republic inspired American founders, how the Church developed and became the custodian of Western civilization in the medieval era, and how Christianity interacts with modern ideas during the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and in modern history. They encounter the American experience through its founding documents, which give context for current discussions on culture, foreign policy, and political, social, religious, and economic issues.

Course Offerings 

English (Four Years/40 credits)

•  Humanities I (Ancient Literature and Composition) (honors option): One Year/10 Credits
•  Humanities II (World Literature and Composition) (honors option): One Year/10 Credits
•  Humanities III (American Literature) (honors option): One Year/10 Credits
•  English Literature (AP option): One Year/10 Credits

History (Four Years/40 credits)

•  Humanities I (Ancient and Medieval History): One Year/10 Credits
•  Humanities II (Modern World History): One Year/10 Credits
•  Humanities III (US History or AP US History): One Year/10 Credits
•  Economics (AP option): One Semester/5 Credits
•  US Government: One Semester/5 Credits

Foreign Language (Three Years/30 credits)

•  Spanish 1: One Year/10 Credits
•  Spanish 2: One Year/10 Credits
•  Spanish 3: One Year/10 Credits
•  Spanish 4 or AP Spanish Language: One Year/10 Credits
Students are required to take two successive years in the same language.