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Providence Seniors Win Art Scholarship Awards

March 23, 2018 by Elaine Rottman

Seniors Evan Boger and Mikaela Torres were awarded scholarships in the 39th annual art contest sponsored by the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara. Both have studied with Providence art teacher James Daly throughout their high school years.

In an award ceremony at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art on March 8, Evan was awarded the Deep Space Sparkle Art Scholarship. Influenced by his father, Evan first took up art as a young child. He has explored many mediums and greatly admires the techniques favored by luminaries such as Jackson Pollock. Pen, ink, and galvanized steel figure prominently in Evan’s art. A tool enthusiast, he is passionate about making chain mail. Evan plans to study economics in college as he prepares for a career as an entrepreneur. He looks forward to continuing to explore new mediums with his art.

Mikaela Torres accepted the Mcintyre Family Art Scholarship. Inspired by her sister Natalie, Mikaela took up drawing as a seventh-grader. Today her preferred medium is oil paint, and she greatly admires the work of Richard Schmid. Mikaela looks forward to a career as a middle school art teacher. “I think I have the tools and know the fundamentals to help create good artists,” she said. “I believe that anyone can be an artist, and I want to encourage people from an early age to learn and enjoy art.” 

The work of all 39 art scholarship winners was on display at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art through March 15.