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Providence Faculty and Students Awarded Summer Study Fellowships

May 18, 2018 by Admin

Three Providence upper school teachers, Rodney Meadth (Engineering), Bruce Rottman (Humanities), and Susan Isaac (Spiritual Life), received fellowships to attend the June 19-22 Acton University program in Grand Rapids, Michigan, based on their teaching merit displayed this past year. Meadth and Rottman received the Hansen Fellowship and Isaac was awarded the First Time Teacher for K-12 Scholarship. Acton University is an annual exclusive four-day intensive seminar of courses that combine concepts of faith with sound economic principles. Attendees are expected to number over 1,000 from all over the world and many different faith backgrounds. The curriculum offers over 120 courses to choose from, taught by more than 80 different experts in the field, all promoting the concept of a free and virtuous society.

Sarah Bentley (Spanish) and Maddie Ifland (Business Office) also were accepted to the program, as were two students, senior Evan Boger and junior Jake Yonally. This is the first year that two high school students have applied for and been accepted to Acton University. Boger and Yonally are both Libertas Scholars, an honors program directed by Rottman that provides a course of study focused on the humanities, language, art, theology, and/or economics during their time at Providence. Students who participate in this program are expected to maintain a 3.5 GPA average for any courses specific to the Libertas program and a 3.0 GPA overall. Libertas scholars are also expected to participate in a minimum of two academic seminars outside of Providence.

With the help of a generous grant to Providence by the Koch Foundation, recently renewed for the third year in a row, Boger and Yonally will be able to capitalize on this opportunity without out-of-pocket expenses. Bruce Rottman helped speak to the two organization’s association with Providence: “The Koch Foundation’s goals align with Acton University’s, as well as Providence’s, promoting the idea that Christians can marry virtue and economics and thus better society.” The Koch Foundation grant helps promote many opportunities like this in the Providence community, allowing faculty and students to travel and learn without the stress of cost. – Written by Allie Williams, Providence editorial intern

Bruce Rottman

Susan Isaac

Rodney Meadth

Rodney Meadth