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Three Providence Students Are Finalists in Prestigious ARC Salon Competition

June 7, 2019 by Elaine Rottman
Three Providence students are finalists in the ARC Salon international art competition. They are three of only 37 finalists ages 12-19 in the world.

Gabe Farhadian and Hye Seung Lee, both Providence School Class of 2019, and rising senior Chloe Herdrich are among the 37 finalists in the Art Renewal Center’s (ARC) 14th Salon in the DaVinci Initiative category (12-19 year olds).

All three are the students of James Daly, Providence fine arts teacher. Mr. Daly’s approach to art education focuses on mastering the classic traditions for painting and drawing. This is an unusual approach for a high school. “I don’t know of any school that does what we do, the way we do it,” he said. “Most classical programs are extracurricular in private studios.” 

This is the first year Providence students entered the ARC Salon competition. “To have three students make the cut as finalists is a phenomenal testament to the caliber of James Daly’s teaching,” said Providence high school principal Scott Rockney. “We are proud of him and of these students, who have made the most of their education and their talent.”

The International ARC Salon is the largest art competition in the world in number of entries, and the most diverse in categories and international participation, making it the most influential and far-reaching competition for Contemporary Realism in the world, with recognition and partnerships with prestigious magazines, galleries, and museums, and live exhibitions and a strong online presence.

Winners of the 2019 competition will be announced on July 1.

See the ARC website for further information.