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TRIAD Program Launches in Upper School

May 11, 2021 by Elaine Rottman

Announcement of new two-week intensive-study program ignites campus enthusiasm

TRIAD (Travel, Research, Investigate, Apprentice, Discover), is an in-depth exploration of student/faculty interests designed to promote active engagement with topics that encourage curiosity, collaboration, and problem-solving. Providence is restructuring the Upper School (grades 9–12) academic calendar into three terms to make room for the exciting new program launching in the upcoming 2021–2022 school year.

TRIAD offers students the opportunity to delve into areas of interest outside of regular coursework. Creatively designed classes encourage critical thinking and appreciation for increased complexity or challenge. This third term with capstone presentations will further the Providence blueprint vision of strategic influence in Santa Barbara and beyond as the school seeks to prepare students to engage and serve their communities.

TRIAD showcases the diverse abilities of talented faculty while offering a broader range of courses for students to explore. Students may experiment with something new or choose to do a deep dive into areas of academic interest. Students may also earn course credit through internships, international travel, and independent study. Students receive 2.5 to 5 credits for each two-week course, depending on scope and challenge.

Tentative course proposals include:

  • Athens & Crete Excursion (antiquities and history)
  • Backcountry Hiking (first aid and wilderness training)
  • Toward a Moral Vision of Games (game theory)
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Linoleum Block Printmaking
  • Plein Air Painting
  • Mock Trial
  • Movie Making
  • Triathlon Training
  • Conversational Spanish and Spain Excursion
Providence canoe trip

Additional options are being developed to match faculty expertise and passion with student interest. 

The name “TRIAD,”  suggests the idea of three things fitting harmoniously together; for example, a chord of three tones. This three-part motif runs through the Providence School motto, “Pursuing truth, beauty, and excellence,” as well as the educational blueprint for achieving the goals of Intellectual Preparation, Spiritual Formation, and Strategic Influence. Additionally, participating in the TRIAD program will amplify three desired outcomes for students: developing their interests, their aptitudes, and their passions.

Middle and Upper School principal Rodney Meadth is excited and eager to launch TRIAD. Speaking about the new program, he says:

“Providence School rests solidly upon the creativity and enthusiasm of our teachers and students. We learned a lot during COVID about how resourceful and adaptable our teachers and students are. As an independent school, we have broad freedom to craft programs and classes that we believe are worth pursuing—not because any external entity requires it of us. TRIAD gives us a chance to showcase the talent and experience of our community in unexpected ways!” 

To learn more about TRIAD and other educational opportunities for preschool through high school students at Providence, contact Admissions Director Tawny Kilpper (tkilpper@providencesb.org) or 805-962-3091.