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Providence Presents: John Stonestreet

Our children deal with pressures we never experienced nor could have anticipated. It is our job as parents and educators to help them attain clarity and confidence in dealing with a culture that is dynamic and ever-changing.

 John Stonestreet, a respected authority on worldview, culture, and education, came to Providence to speak to students in grades 6-12 on March 15, 2018. We were delighted with this honest, practical speaker and the wit and wisdom he shared to help the next generation navigate today’s culture. 


Listen to an audio recording of Stonestreet’s chapel presentation – 3/15/18


Stonestreet co-hosts BreakPoint, a daily cultural commentary founded by the late Chuck Colson. His most recent book, A Practical Guide to Culture, guides parents and Christian leaders in helping young people influence culture, rather than letting the culture change them. Stonestreet’s story is that God’s story is bigger than this cultural moment.

That message aligns one hundred percent with the Providence mission. We are excited that Providence could bless the community in this way.