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What if God Has a Different Vision for Your Family? 

The story of how one family made the leap from public school


The Hatton Family 

Heidi, 7th Grade

In the words of Jen Hatton

We first heard of Providence when Heidi was in 3rd grade. That was when the buzz started for us! Time and time again, I would either meet a parent who had a child at Providence or a friend’s child who had already made the transition from public to Providence. The seed was planted…

For my husband and me, both being products of public school, private schools were never on our radar—especially a Christian school. As the years went on and Heidi was approaching 6th grade, we were faced with a choice. We were strong in our public school stance and encouraged Heidi to attend, as it would be a “good experience” into the “real world.” God had a different plan for our family…

Heidi requested to shadow at Providence just to see what it was like. Jesus at school? What a wild concept! We are a Christian family, who has attended the same church since our move here to Santa Barbara seven years ago. I thought, we are fed spiritually, at church—why do we need a Christian school? Of course, we supported Heidi in her desire to explore options. Off she went for a day in the life of a student at Providence…

The choice…
My husband and I weren’t prepared for a tuition payment until the college years. After shadowing at both Providence and the public system, we required Heidi to state a strong case for her desire to attend Providence. With all due respect, public school can be good, but Heidi wanted more. She wanted excellent. In Heidi’s own words:

“Kids seem to be much nicer at Providence.” “The teachers were all excited about teaching and they looked like they really wanted to be there.” “I think it’s cool that they pray before a test.” “I’m with my people.” (That one made my heart sing.) “I love to have Bible class at school.”

The decision…
We quickly realized that this was not just an academic decision; it was a moral and social decision as well. Did we want our daughter at a school where God is never spoken of; therefore, he doesn’t exist? Or, at a school where she can be free to practice her faith with teachers and peers? Our blinders came off. It brings us great joy and our hearts sing to know that Heidi gets to share her love for the Lord with friends and teachers. A Christian education is one of the biggest gifts we can give her. After lots of prayer, God showed us the way and we haven’t looked back since.

Providence is Harmony