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Would You Sacrifice Security for God’s Call on Your Life?

The story of how one teacher left a lucrative career in the finance industry to become a preschool assistant


Amber Newell

Preschool, Room 2

In Amber’s own words

I have always had a passion for working with children. While I was at Westmont College I was a third grade teacher’s aide at Cold Springs Elementary. I enjoyed working with the students and seeing how much they flourished in just one year. During college I also was a math tutor for two professors at Santa Barbara City College. In this position I was able to help students conquer their fear of math. It was exciting to see students figure out problems with just a small amount of guidance.

After college I was offered a full-time accounting position with a CPA firm in Santa Barbara. I took the offer because I thought this was something I had to do, even though I didn’t have the passion for it nor felt God’s calling. It was a good job but not a good fit. I wasn’t truly happy so I decided to once again work with children. I continued working full time as an accountant during the week and on the weekends I volunteered in the kids ministry at Reality Santa Barbara. That brought my spirits back up but I still wasn’t happy with my career.

Finally, after two years of ignoring my calling, I gained the strength to put my faith in the Lord and left my accounting position. At this point, I knew I needed to be working with children. My faith was tested during the transition because I was leaving a secure career with no new job lined up and trusting in the Lord to provide. I prayed for guidance, clarity, and courage during this time.

Volunteering in kids ministry helped me develop close relationships with some of the parents; one in particular is Bethany Bodenhamer. She informed me of the preschool assistant position at Providence and I knew this was a sign from the Lord. Getting the position confirmed my calling and the Lord’s blessing on my stepping out in faith.

Working with preschoolers is a true joy. It brightens my day to see how excited the children are to learn and talk about God. I also love that every morning the preschool staff gets together to pray. We pray for our day and for Providence students and families, as well as bringing our personal prayer requests. I’ve never seen a school where ALL the faculty and staff whole-heartedly pray together.

To me, the ONE word that stands out about Providence is Community.

Providence is Community