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Art + Engineering = Life Changed

Eva KilpperSince childhood, Eva Kilpper (Class of 2019) has loved art and was gifted with vision and creativity. As a high school student, she has thrived under art teacher James Daly’s tutelage and her passion increased as she pursued art with laser focus. Then in 2015, a new engineering elective was made available and students were required to choose one elective to pursue mid-year. Initially, Eva resisted the engineering elective believing that it was incompatible with her artistic interests. But, Eva was encouraged, and even pushed by the principal, to try the new engineering course and the result has been life-changing.

Rod Meadth’s engineering students seek to answer the question “What ought a Christian engineer to be?” Students are inspired and equipped to find creative solutions to the world’s problems through mathematics, science, and engineering, all while recognizing that they are doing so as imitators of a creative God. The coursework is rigorous, but centers around team projects and humanitarian work, emphasizing service and community.

Now, three years later, Eva has discovered a new passion. Eva has excelled in the Providence Engineering Academy and has found a beautiful marriage between her passion for art and the discipline of engineering. Eva says this about her experience,

“I have always been a person who draws, paints, sews costumes, and makes props out of anything I can get my hands on. The way that I see the world is deeply influenced by the fact that I express myself best through creation. Growing up I planned to be an artist but when I was exposed to engineering I was swept away by how much I loved it. Building robots and modeling bridges was a natural extension of my creative tendencies and desire to solve important problems in our world.”

Photo credit: Jesse Kuroiwa, College of Architecture and Planning, CU Denver

In June 2018,  in partnership with the ACE (Architecture Construction Engineering) Mentor Program, the College of Architecture and Planning at University of Colorado Denver hosted an architecture camp for 26 rising junior and senior high school students. The creators of this immersive program invited Eva to participate, with a full scholarship, in a week-long intensive studio-focused design-build experience. Students worked with digital fabrication equipment and in computer-assisted design labs alongside CU Denver faculty. Eva’s team designed, built and installed stylish, modern plywood furniture on an outdoor campus plaza.   

At Providence, studying engineering is desirable not only because our world is tech-focused, but also because students discover how to serve God and the broader community through the discovery of creative and beautiful solutions to challenging programs. As Eva prepares to graduate from Providence she’s excited to pursue a degree in engineering. She says:  

“I plan to pursue a career in mechanical engineering and I am specifically interested in the fields of robotics and assistive technology for individuals with disabilities. I firmly believe that we are all called by God to further His kingdom by serving those around us. I want to serve my community and the world at large by coming up with creative solutions to problems and striving for excellence in everything I do.”

Eva’s experience would not have been possible without the generous support from many within the Santa Barbara community and beyond. Gifts to Providence provide students with a full education where faith and academics are taught in tandem, and students learn to view the world through the lens of Christ. We are grateful for the many men and women who have invested in Eva’s education, and the education of many, through gifts to Providence.

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