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Fitness Pursuits

We believe that our bodies are a gift from God, making the development and preservation of that gift a sacred responsibility. This perspective gives purpose and direction to our Fitness Pursuits program. After completing this program, students will possess the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that will enable them to pursue lifelong physical fitness and wellness.

Our Fitness Pursuits curriculum is multi-faceted, with the intention of providing a variety of contexts in which students can expand their movement vocabulary. Unlike the traditional sports model used by many schools, our program emphasizes lifetime activities, group initiatives, familiarity with fitness equipment and activity locations, and service to the community. Although competition can be positive, and athletic proficiency is admirable, we are seeking to develop a fitness-lifestyle vision for the long term. We believe a physically-cultured individual:

  • is competent in a number of movement forms and proficient in a few 

  • is an informed and resourceful consumer of the equipment, procedures, and facilities relevant to their activity interests 

  • develops a play ethic that fosters enjoyment and spiritual renewal 

  • is a servant leader, both in school and the larger community 

  • views the created world as an arena for God’s glory, and uses experiences in that arena to direct attention toward their Creator.

In grades 7-8, Providence students meet daily to build a solid foundation of skills, comprehension, and healthy group dynamics. The curriculum also places a strong emphasis on personal care through preventative, rehabilitative, and recovery techniques. 

In grades 9-12, our Fitness Pursuits curriculum gives students the opportunity to focus on a specific discipline for eight weeks. After-school and weekend sessions provide smaller groups with the time and mobility to explore local surf spots, hiking trails, and rock-climbing crags. The outdoor education activities offered during Fitness Pursuits are one of our institutional distinctions.