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1:1 iPad Program

Every Providence high school student is required to purchase an iPad and bring it to school each day. In high school, iPads are an integral component of a student’s learning experience at the school.

Connected Learning at Providence brings together modern technology and software with a college preparatory curriculum founded on the Western tradition, taught using the best proven instructional modes in an environment that connects students with teachers and the subject matter. We combine 21st century-technology and skills with ideas and pedagogical methods that have stood the test of time. 

The use of technology at Providence is so much more than a 1:1 iPad program. It is an opportunity to provide learning experiences not previously available to educators. Connected Learning combines state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated educational applications in every discipline, online academic spaces for continued learning outside the school day, tools for academic research and analysis, online course options, interactive displays in every classroom and student common areas, and the adoption of electronic textbooks which literally make the text jump off the page. (Providence is phasing in e-textbooks over the course of several years.) 

Our interactive classrooms incorporate modern technology into the everyday learning environment of our students and faculty. With the flexible classroom environments, the Providence interactive classroom supports active, interactive, experiential, and team-based modes of learning, breathing new life into a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum.  

Connected Learning utilizes every space on our campus to connect teachers, students, and the Providence curriculum. This continuity allows our teachers and students to embrace technology seamlessly throughout the entire school program, from humanities and sciences to basketball practice and rock climbing. These are certainly exciting time to be a student at Providence! 

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