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The high school academic program at Providence incorporates some elements of the classical approach, with core coursework in the humanities, which includes history, literature, philosophy, political science, economics, and the development of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Coursework in rhetoric provides students with the communication and critical thinking skills so essential to college and vocational success. In addition, Providence offers a full range of mathematics study, the natural sciences, foreign language (Spanish), music, visual art, and physical education. Lively classroom discussions, led by the teacher, develop rhetorical skills while students grapple with new ideas.

1275801_510564005681143_1058934548_oA fundamental commitment of Providence is to prepare students for acceptance into the best colleges and universities in the country. Thus, the instructional program is rigorous and creative, providing strength in the basic competencies, as well as cross-cultural experiences, use of technology, commitment to service, and the resources to grow in one’s personal character and Christian faith.

An anchor to our program is The Foundations of the Christian Faith course, which includes surveys of the Old and New Testament, the history of the Christian church, basic Christian theology, and the potential impact of the Christian church throughout the world today.

Our mission is to develop students’ intellectual competence, their personal character and integrity, their social and leadership skills, their appreciation for our national heritage, and their commitment to the historic Christian faith. We accomplish this through a rigorous, semi-classical, curriculum directed by an energetic and competent faculty, with the cooperative support of our students’ families, and focused on the total development of each individual student.

Providence  offers a college preparatory liberal arts curriculum that is founded upon the Western tradition. From Homer, Plato, Augustine, Pascal, and Locke to Jefferson and Lincoln, students are engaged in the “Great Conversation” that provides a foundation from which to explore thinkers, artists, philosophers, and writers from a plethora of cultures.

As the conversation unfolds we believe the center point is the study of Christian faith. We view conviction and curiosity as complementary rather than competing values. We believe that all truth is God’s Truth and thus will seek to find it both in Scripture and in the rich canon that has been given to us by those who have gone before. At Providence, we desire a safe, open, and honest pursuit of ideas where all questions are regarded thoughtfully and all students are respected.