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Foundations of the Christian Faith

The Bible curriculum at the high school exposes students to the Christian faith and the Scriptures, and through it to the life and redemptive work of Jesus Christ. The Bible itself is the foundation to our curriculum, and its major themes provide a framework from which to critique all of learning. We don’t use Scripture only in our Bible course, we also integrate it with all academic disciplines. We believe Bible instruction at school is not the same as Bible instruction in chapel or church. The task of the Church is to proclaim the good news of salvation to the world, calling us to faith, worship, and service. The task of the school is to impart Biblical knowledge through rigorous study, to engage students in open and intelligent dialogue about the claims of the Church, and to equip students for lives of faith, character, and service through the application of these truths.

Course Offerings 

•  Foundations I – Hermeneutics: One Year/5 Credits
•  Foundations II – History of the Church: One Year/5 Credits
•  Foundations III – Classic Christian Thought/Global Engagement: One Year/5 Credits
•  Foundations IV – Comparative World Views/Senior Project: One Year/5 Credits