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Mathematics is a creative, dynamic system we use to model and understand our environment. Providence students learn to appreciate the beauty of mathematics, while they gain a deep understanding of how it enriches their lives. They are challenged to gain not only a conceptual understanding of mathematical skills and principles, but also knowledge of, and experience with, pure reasoning. This logical reasoning prepares them for a broad range of situations in which students can tackle real life challenges. Students see the interdependence of mathematics and other disciplines such as science, music, art, economics, and philosophy, and learn to appreciate math, regardless of the career they pursue.

Course Offerings 

•  Algebra 1: One Year/10 Credits
•  Geometry (honors option): One Year/10 Credits
•  Algebra II (honors option): One Year/10 Credits
•  Pre-Calculus (honors option): One Year/10 Credits
•  AP Calculus AB: One Year/10 Credits
•  AP Statistics: One Year/10 Credits
Students must take the classes listed above in sequential order. After Pre-Calculus students may choose AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics.