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The Arts

A study of the fine arts examines how people understand creation and communicate their perceptions, responses, and understanding of the world internally and externally. Throughout history, the arts have shown how human beings intuit, symbolize, think, and express themselves through music, drama, dance, and visual works. We believe art helps us understand the beauty of creation and of the Creator. Our art curriculum provides students proper training in creative ways to communicate ideas and experiences and to develop a healthy lifelong aesthetic.

Course Offerings 

  • Art I:  Drawing and Painting:  One Year/10 credits
  • Art II:  Painting:  One Year/10 credits
  • Art III:  Advanced Painting:  One Year/10 credits
  • AP Art IV:  Design (2-D):  One Year/10 credits
  • Photography:  One Year/10 credits
  • AP Photography:  One Year/10 credits
  • Providence Chorale:  One Year/10 credits
  • Chamber Choir:  One Year/10 credits