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Dual-Credit Program

The Providence high school dual-credit program allows students seeking an academic challenge to earn college credits while continuing to work toward high school graduation. There are three avenues to pursue college credits:

  • Advanced Placement
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Online College Courses

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) program is offered by the College Board and allows students to enroll in AP courses and take a cumulative examination in May. A student can receive college credit or bypass a college course. To learn more, visit: www.collegeboard.com.

Providence’s Advanced Placement course offerings prepare students for multiple AP exams, including:

  • AP English Literature and Composition
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Studio Art:  Drawing
  • AP Studio Art:  2D Design

Concurrent Credit

Concurrent enrollment classes are college-level courses taught by Providence faculty members on the Providence campus. The coursework and credits are recorded on both the Providence transcript and the college transcript, with a letter grade assigned.

Providence is a member of the Partners in Christian Education Dual-Credit Program through Colorado Christian University. Providence students have the ability to earn dual credits in the following courses:

Approved Providence Course / CCU Equivalent Course (credits):

  • Christian Theism & Comparative World Views / PHL-297 Special Topics: Worldviews:  Philosophical & Religious Perspective (3)
  • Humanities III Honors / HIS-205 American History (3) & ENG-202 American Literature I (3)
  • AP English Literature / ENG-201 Introduction to Literature (3)
  • AP Microeconomics / ECO-222 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics (3)
  • AP Calculus AB  / MAT-141 Calculus I (4)
  • AP Chemistry / CHM-121/131 General Chemistry 1 / Lab (5)
  • AP Spanish / SPA-111 Elementary Spanish (3)

To learn more, visit:  www.ccu.edu/dualcreditprogram/

Online College Courses

Through partnerships with local and national colleges and universities, Providence students are able to enroll in online courses to earn college credits in 130 different courses. These courses are offered as independent study opportunities at Providence. For more information, contact Matt Long, academic dean.

What else do I need to know about dual credit courses?

Transferability of credits

According to a recent survey done by CCU, over 90% of schools accepted dual credit enrollment – including all public and private Christian universities surveyed. Those who did not generally did not accept any form of college credit earned in high school – even AP credit. However, students are encouraged to consult with the institution of their choice regarding transferability of credits earned, as individual schools determine if they accept credit.

Registration for concurrent credit courses

Registration takes place in the fall for concurrent credit courses. Students enroll for the course online.

What are the costs of dual credit courses?

  • Each Advanced Placement exam: $85-$100
  • Concurrent credit course: $200 per 3–5 credit course
  • Online courses:  varies by college

What are the benefits of the dual credit program?

  • Earn college credits
  • Graduate early
  • Save money
  • Gain flexibility in your academic program – study abroad, double major, minor in another discipline