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The Providence Engineering Academy is an exciting new offering for high school students, launching in the fall of 2015. This program, led by Mr. Rodney Meadth, will serve as a springboard for students considering a career in math, science, or engineering disciplines. Participants will enroll in specific classes from 9th through 12th grade, covering a broad range of engineering topics.

The program is designed to complement Providence’s existing Christian liberal arts focus, and will seek to answer the question: “What ought a Christian engineer to be?” We desire for students to be inspired and equipped to find creative solutions to the world’s problems through mathematics, science, and engineering, all the while recognizing that they are doing so as imitators of a creative God. The coursework will be academically rigorous, but will also center around team projects and humanitarian work, emphasizing service and community.


 9th Grade / 10th Grade – Foundations of Engineering

(Semester-long courses)

3D Design: an introduction into the basics of three-dimensional computer-aided design

Logic and Programming: the principles of formal logic and its modern use in common programming languages

Robotics: applying logic and programming in conjunction with sensor technology and mechanical design

Mathematics for Engineers: enrichment math topics including: trigonometry; vectors; matrices; etc.


11th Grade / 12th Grade – Advanced Engineering

(Year-long courses)

Statics: the physics of stationary objects and systems, such as beams and trusses, culminating in a team structural design project

Aerodynamics: the physics of airflow and its vital applications to the aerospace industry, culminating in a team glider design project



How to Apply

Interested students will be asked to submit an application, which will be reviewed by staff members to ensure suitability for the type of work required. Each student’s grades, interests, and experiences will be carefully considered. In the program’s initial phases, students entering into any high school grade level will be allowed to apply. 

Providence Engineering Academy Application Cover 2016-2017


All questions or comments may be fielded to Mr. Meadth, either in person or at rmeadth@providencesb.org.



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