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Spiritual Development


We believe all truth is God’s truth and thus seek to find it both in Scripture and in the rich canon that has been given to us by those who have gone before. At Providence, students experience a safe, open, and honest pursuit of ideas and faith where all questions are regarded thoughtfully and everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

GirlsFaithIt is a great privilege to come alongside parents and local churches in the encouragement of faith in our students. We encourage students to grow and take greater ownership of their faith, connecting who they are to everything God desires them to be. 

Adolescence is a thrilling time, filled with triumph and disappointment. Our community strives to give and receive grace through it all, helping our students to better recognize the truth of their lives, who God is, and what He is doing. At Providence, students experience support, encouragement, and love as they mature into young adulthood.

We gather each week for chapel, to worship and to learn. Our chapels welcome pastors, teachers, musicians, missionaries, and other fascinating people from Santa Barbara and around the globe. We regularly serve one another, and our local community, through various organizations and our school-wide service days called the Philia Project. Our Foundations of the Christian Faith curriculum teaches students how to read the whole Bible—from the story of creation to the promises of Christ’s return—and takes them through a study of the history of the Christian Church, culminating in their developing and applying a Christian worldview to contemporary problems and situations.

Foundations:  As a Christian academic institution, Providence is committed to nurturing the life of the spirit both in and out of the classroom as well as to developing the life of the mind. The Foundations of the Christian Faith course provides a rich education in the beliefs, history, and current state of the Christian church worldwide. Our students and their families represent more than 25 different churches and faith backgrounds. The three-year rotating Foundations curriculum teaches biblical truths at the core of our rich Christian heritage.

Student-Led Worship:  A weekly student-led chapel program encourages the development of worship as a regular practice.  Providence students have the opportunity to participate in leading corporate worship through scripture reading, teaching, and participation in the worship band.

Mission Trips:  Cross-cultural experiences and serving the underserved in local communities are life-influencing opportunities for Providence students. Many students participate in mission trips through local churches and ministries on an individual basis. Providence anticipates offering an annual school-sponsored mission trip in the near future. This trip will be open to all students and led by Providence faculty.

Bible Studies:   Student-led Bible Studies have developed organically at Providence as upperclassmen feel called to lead peers in prayer, Bible study, and small group discussion. Students also meet frequently to pray for each other, their school, the community, and the world, often in the hour prior to the start of the school day.

All-School Retreat:  An overnight retreat in the fall is an annual highlight for students and faculty alike. Teaching, worship, community building, and welcoming new students combine with hours of recreation and games to create  a memorable start to the academic year.

Teacher/Student Mentorships:  Providence teachers invest in students’ lives both in and out of the classroom. Whether leading elective field trips, hosting movie nights, organizing small group Bible studies, or coaching athletes on sports teams, our faculty are examples of how Christian educators look beyond the walls of the classroom to encourage and guide students in their daily lives.