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Student Leadership

Providence offers two organized leadership opportunities for high school students:  the Prefect Board and the Associated Student Body (ASB).

Each summer, the ASB and the Prefect Board take a two-day retreat to prepare for the year, bond as a group, and develop leadership skills.

Prefect Board

The Prefect Board serves as a liaison between the student body and the administration. Prefects work with faculty mentors to plan school-wide initiatives and activities. They help to keep the administration informed of student issues and sometimes to help the student body understand an administrative position. Prefects serve in the area of spiritual life, technology, admissions, missions (service), athletics, outdoor education, performing arts, and student life. Prefects promote leadership and the school mission, and supports the activities sponsored by ASB. Guest speakers train prefects in essential leadership skills.

Prefects are selected in the spring of the year prior to service, based on an application and an interview. The Prefect Board meets monthly together to report on their specific areas of leadership and individual prefects meet frequently with their faculty advisors.

Associated Student Body (ASB) 

ASB student leadership in the high school exists to lead the student body to create campus life events, including new-student orientation, Providence Opening Week (POW), Spirit Week and Homecoming activities, dances, and friendly lunchtime competitions. The ASB helps to foster the community culture Providence students enjoy.

ASB leaders are elected by their classmates in the spring of the year prior to service. ASB meets weekly throughout the school year.