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Providence’s Lower Campus is blessed with an excellent library, computers, music room, and art studio in order to offer our students enrichment classes beyond the core curriculum.

At Providence, we use the Discipline Based Art Education approach which was developed by the Getty Foundation. This curriculum was designed  to combine experiences from the four disciplines of art: Art Production, Art Criticism, Art History and Aesthetics.  Our in-depth program studies art and artists from different periods in history starting in kindergarten and continuing through 6th grade, each year building on what they have learned the year before. We explore different mediums and processes to give each child a well rounded art experience. At least once per year, we hold a Student Art Show to showcase the all student’s hard work. 

You can learn much more my visiting our art studio website at:  www.thebrightideastudio.weebly.com 

All students participate in PE classes which emphasize fitness and the skills necessary to excel in a wide variety of athletic activities. After-school sports include volleyball, basketball, and flag football for boys and girls in grades 5 and 6, with plans to add more offerings in the near future.

Our library boasts an excellent selection of books for our children our program is designed to foster a love of for reading and 21st century skills to access information in the digital age. Elementary students have a weekly library class and are introduced to research skills, the use of technology as it relates to accessing information and weekly book check out to foster a love for reading.

Learning to use digital resources is a vital part of our enrichment program. For example, students create blogs, research information using safe and supervised web searches, develop multi-media presentations, and communicate with authors in class via video-conferencing tools. The Lower School is in the development process of bringing more technology, such as iPads, into the daily classroom experience.

The music program at Providence teaches each child the fundamentals of voice and instrumentation. Students are also afforded the opportunity to sing at various events throughout the year, including Christmas performances and an annual Spring Sing concert. Our goal is to encourage a lifelong love of music in each student.