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Spiritual Development

A foundational belief at Providence is that we were created by a God who loves us for a deep and meaningful purpose. Our goal in Bible classes is for each student to develop an understanding of God’s love and in turn to live a life of meaning and purpose. Middle School Bible classes follow a scope and sequence that introduces students to the Bible in an age-appropriate manner and outlines God’s great love for His people and His actions throughout history. 

The weekly chapel program gives students the opportunity to hear from pastors and teachers in our community and emphasizes the importance of the heart as well as the mind in following Christ.

At Providence, we believe that faith is not limited to chapel services and Bible classes but it permeates all things. Christian teachers incorporate Biblical teaching into all areas of study while emphasizing those beliefs in common to all believers. While we teach from a Christian worldview, Providence is open and welcoming to students regardless of their religious affiliation. The school is comprised of families who desire a common set of character traits to be developed in their children:  love, integrity, humility, care for others, and a passion for making the world a better place.

The middle school years are a unique time of intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Our highly qualified middle school team is passionate about leading students through this complex time of life. Through close personal mentorship, a rich academic curriculum, and meaningful extracurricular programs, we maximize student growth and preparation for the high school years.