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Student Life: The Providence Experience


Integral to this type of education is the community in which it occurs. Students are encouraged to live abundant and joyful lives, marked by giving and receiving grace.


We all desire to live in relationship, to know and to be known. Having fun together, engaging in extracurricular activities, and spending free time with friends are complementary and essential components to a Providence education. These transformative experiences allow you to grow personally as you begin to live out your values and respond to the everyday occurrences of life.

We come alongside each family, engaging conversations about life and faith, while modeling lives marked by joy. Campus life events are set up with these goals in mind. Fun-filled opportunities such as the Back-to-School Bash, Homecoming, the annual All-School Retreat, Patriots’ Pride spirit days, and numerous club activities give you a chance to try new things, make friends, connect with your teachers, create lasting memories, and become a young man and women who appreciates community.

suOur team of educators naturally enter into relationships with students over a snack break in the Student Union, sharing lunch at the local taco stand, or sitting next to each other at a Saturday-night basketball game.

The middle school years are a time when greater independence, if it is experienced within a warm and supportive Christian community, can be life-changing and the basis for lifelong memories. At Providence, we believe in a comprehensive experience, involving not only challenging and rewarding classrooms, but a wide range of service and co-curricular programs and activities.

The result is a healthy, active, attractive environment, an energetic and committed Christian community, ideal for the maximum growth and development of each student, intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

Integral to our academic program are co-curricular activities, such as field trips to art museums, concert halls, theatrical and musical productions, athletic events, discussion groups, student publications, inspirational services, retreats, hiking and bicycling trips, fun outings, and service opportunities with local agencies and ministries. There is an activity for every interest at Providence; and if there is not, we invite students to start a new club or create a new program.

Our physical education and fitness pursuits programs and range of athletic teams provide a wonderful opportunity to develop leadership skills and group decision-making, in addition to physical strength and overall health. These events are also important for the development of school spirit and healthy social relations.

The middle school years are a unique time of intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Our highly qualified middle school team is passionate about leading students through this complex time of life. Through close personal mentorship, a rich academic curriculum, and meaningful extracurricular programs, we maximize student growth and preparation for the high school years.