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Student Leadership

Providence offers exciting and unique leadership opportunities for talented middle school students, with a mentoring program designed to unlock leadership potential.

Joining the Middle School Leadership Team exposes students to a variety of experiences that allow them to grow in their understanding of leadership. They attend conferences and lectures, discuss upcoming events to look for ways to serve their community, and read books and articles on leadership.

The student leadership team puts into practice what they are learning by planning social events for their classmates, such as Wii parties and movie nights. Students are encouraged to approach these opportunities with a desire to unveil their God-given potential and expanding their spectrum of leadership skills.

In order to get involved, seventh graders are invited to apply to the program near the end of the first semester. After this step, students take part in interviews conducted by a panel of staff in order to select four exceptional students who will then participate in this program for the next 18 months, concluding at the end of eighth grade.

The middle school years are a unique time of intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Our highly qualified middle school team is passionate about leading students through this complex time of life. Through close personal mentorship, a rich academic curriculum, and meaningful extracurricular programs, we maximize student growth and preparation for the high school years.