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As the world becomes more and more technologically driven, it is essential for students to become comfortable with the technology around them. We believe that wise use of technology has the potential to greatly enhance our students’ education and prepare them for the future.

Computers, the internet, and various mobile devices can make demonstrating and teaching a richer academic experience. Classrooms are equipped with teacher iPads, document cameras, projection devices, interactive whiteboards, and active learning furniture. Middle School students utilize online lectures and videos to enhance their classroom experience.

Providence actively seeks ways to enhance our curriculum through safe and meaningful interaction on the web and with a variety of resources. Students are instructed in digital literacy and how to be responsible users and consumers of technology.

The middle school years are a unique time of intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Our highly qualified middle school team is passionate about leading students through this complex time of life. Through close personal mentorship, a rich academic curriculum, and meaningful extracurricular programs, we maximize student growth and preparation for the high school years.