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Announcing a New Digital Design Program for Fall 2019: The Providence Studio

June 13, 2019 by Elaine Rottman

Providence School announces the launch of an innovative, new digital design program: The Providence StudioThis “academy” program joins the Providence Engineering Academy and the Libertas Scholars programs in offering options for students to pursue specialized interests while still in high school.

When Providence offered its first digital media course in the 2018-29 school year, it was met with high student demand and enthusiastic participation. In response to the course’s popularity and the expressed student and parental desire for a comprehensive digital media program, the school set out to explore expanding the classics-based fine and visual art program with a robust digital media component. After six months of planning, proposing, and securing funding, The Providence Studio four-year program will launch in the fall of 2019. 

The goals for The Providence Studio go well beyond the typical magnet academy digital design program focused on teaching students specific skills necessary to keep up with cultural trends and technological developments. The goals of the Providence program reflect the school’s mission to educate responsible, constructive, God-serving, ethical, thoughtful young people. The Providence Studio will facilitate an open, hands-on, creative conversation where all students are able to articulate and practice how cultural trends and developments in technology can be used to either see and create goodness in this world—or not. The goal for this program is to take a very specific skill set, hone it, focus it, and then use it ethically, responsibly, and practically. 

Mr. Scott Rockney, associate head of school and middle and high school prinicipal, is excited to add this program to the Providence high school curriculum. He said, “The Providence Studio courses will shape, train, and equip our students with the necessary skills to create content that is edifying, moral, and tells truth through the stories and ideas portrayed through fine art, photography, graphic art, video, and social media content. In doing so, Providence School hopes to positively impact our culture, country, and world.”

The Providence Studio will offer three academic tracks: Fine Arts Sequence, Digital Media Sequence, and Fine Arts and Digital Media Hybrid Sequence. The Studio will operate under the direction of Maxwell Beers and James Daly, both current faculty members. 

Mr. Beers taught Providence’s first digital media course and also teaches the Foundations of Christian Faith courses. He serves as the school’s resident graphic designer and created the new Providence School logo and crest. He joined the Providence faculty in 2015, after teaching at Thomas Edison High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he was a career and technical education teacher focusing on digital media and graphic design and the school’s technology integration specialist. He holds a B.A. in religion from Luther College. Before teaching, Mr. Beers worked in the industry as a marketing consultant, graphic artist, and prepress supervisor responsible for custom-designed print, vinyl, and web marketing campaigns communicating brands, products, and services.   

Mr. Daly developed and leads Providence School’s award-winning atelier-style Fine and Visual Arts Program. An accomplished visual artist and photographer, he joined Providence in 2008 after earning a B.A. in studio art from Westmont College and a teaching credential and M.A. in education from the UCSB. Mr. Daly is also an adjunct professor of art at Westmont College. His work has been exhibited at Santa Barbara’s premiere galleries, including a show at The Sullivan Goss Gallery in December 2018.

The two experienced teachers and talented artists are excited to bring a program of this caliber to Providence. Mr. Beers had the following to say about the program:

The Providence Studio is about much more than learning a marketable skill set, though that is one very real benefit. What excites James and me the most is that the students who go through the program will become influencers, storytellers, and content creators with a strong desire for integrity and truth to guide the work they create. We believe this is an opportunity to influence students in an extremely relevant area of high cultural impact. 

Our hope is to develop culture shapers and world changers as our students identify and create truth within different graphic mediums. Students will learn to do so with excellence in a way that is honoring to God and the subjects and stories they portray. 

Providence is grateful for the generosity of several partners who have invested the seed money necessary to launch the program in time for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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The Providence Studio co-director Max Beers teaches an introductory digital media course in 2018.