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Providence Presents: Tips for Parents on Guiding Teens in a Stressful Season

April 9, 2020 by Elaine Rottman

Canceled sports seasons, performing arts events, and class trips. Loneliness in a time of remote learning. Anxiety about illness and potential loss. Adolescents, children of all ages, and adults are experiencing a stressful season.

Susan Isaac, Providence School’s assistant principal for middle and high school and spiritual life director, put together a webinar with a panel of experts to offer parents of teens support and encouragement in this unprecedented experience of a global pandemic. In the first-ever Providence Presents webinar, conducted and recorded on April 7 via the Zoom video conferencing platform, Ms. Isaac was joined by Mr. Max Beers, Providence Bible teacher, Dr. Andrea Gurney, psychology professor at Westmont College with a private clinical practice, and Rev. Doug Ranck, youth pastor at the Free Methodist Church of Santa Barbara.

The four panelists provided wisdom and practical tools for guiding adolescent’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health in this time of corporate crisis. Topics covered included understanding the teen “invincibility complex,” making space to name and process “ambiguous loss” and “anticipated loss,” allowing time for grief and lament, monitoring media consumption, creating play time, and maintaining healthy habits of good sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

The one-hour presentation was well attended and well received. For those who missed it, the webinar recording, notes, and links to resources are provided here.

Watch the video recording:

Providence Presents: Mental and Emotional Health in a Time of Crisis with Max Beers, Dr. Andrea Gurney, Susan Isaac, and Doug Ranck (Video Webinar, 4/8/20)

Access webinar notes and additional resources:

Mental and Spiritual Health Notes and Links to Resources (PDF Document, 4/8/20)